TOFU is an architecture and interior design unit, which is based in Osaka, Japan. We are proposing the design of housings, shops, gardens,sake breweries,renovation  in various locations.


This BBQ restaurant is in Osaka. We made the interior used with plenty of real wood. because the owner requested the Japanese calm atmosphere. After considering the cost and workability, we picked up a cedar and bamboo for materials. Bamboo and cedar materials have been used in Japan since ancient times, has its peculiar characteristics and texture.So by Using a lot bamboo to the material for the wall and blind, giving the impression of light and airy. 40 mm diameter bamboos are connected to a fixed one by one bolt and a stainless steel tube, the blindfold has set up floating in the air in order to visualize the lightness of bamboo.Bare bulb Light hanging on each table is tiny light, but reflected the light of a naked light bulb in a unique glossy texture of bamboo to produce a soft glow throughout the room. Light reflected the surface of the bamboo change with the movement of people. Low lighting makes interior to be the magical atmosphere.Also giving a glossy paint on the wall of cedar panels, expecting the same effect as the bamboo. Texture of cedar is a mixture of black and white, because cedar panels are roasted using the burner. Grilled cedar also are beautiful distinctive texture for Japanese space.

TOFU 建築設計事務所/一級建築士事務所

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