TOFU is an architecture and interior design unit, which is based in Osaka, Japan. We are proposing the design of housings, shops, gardens,sake breweries,renovation  in various locations.

The restaurant ”Tsukihen” is in East-Osaka under a train overpass. We combined elements of Japanese in this interior, we designed space is filled with gentle and soft light. We sought modernity with Japanese style as a whole.We made walls of eye-catching checkerboard. This pattern is called “Ichimatsu” in Japan and it is a traditional pattern. Usually, it is often used in textiles and Japanese clothing. The “Ichimatsu” walls are made of pine blocks were piled up like bricks. Ceiling lighting is minimal, lighting installed at the back of the grid make soft light. Overflowing light from the wall brings calmness and comfort to the entire space.

We also used traditional architectural elements in facade. A Louver has commonly used in residential and built such a long time. A traditional louver block the external eye, but through the wind and light. But, this facade has louvers which increased gradually to 20-60 pitches, passers can see faintly inside. Louvers are made by cypress, which combines modernity and traditional expression. wooden louvers block the gaze of passers-by ,Overflowing light from the interior serves as an invitation to the store.

TOFU 建築設計事務所/一級建築士事務所

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