TOFU is an architecture and interior design unit, which is based in Osaka, Japan. We are proposing the design of housings, shops, gardens,sake breweries,renovation  in various locations.


In Osaka, historically the outer moat of Osaka castle was the beginning of construction and urban developments had brought a lot of canals from 16th to 19th century.Canals and rivers like urban fabric played an important role as an artery of logistics.Therefore, Osaka had been the beautiful canal city like Venice and Bangkok until declining of ship transportation.  In 20th century the waterfronts and canals became brown field, but nowadays these canals and rivers are positioned as "water corridor"and waterfront revitalization projects are in progress as the illumination at night and the reconstruction of piers & ports.Especially Nakanoshima Park is the symbol of revitalizing the canal city which is the long island like the deck of the ship in the canal and the river located at the center of Osaka.In end of October 2011,Aqua Metropolis Osaka 2011 Festival was hold in Nakanoshima Park and its surroundings during the 9 days.Various art installations brought out the waterside attractiveness.Osaka Board Game Park is the one of these art installations at the east end of Nakanoshima Park.Our concept is simple and low cost.We designed and built the checkers made of various materials(paper,cardboard,cloth,vinyl sheet flooring,wood,tile, stone and stainless steel) based on the existing context of the park.We set game-boards in various ways on the grass and benches in the park.A great many people used pieces of othello & chess and enjoyed the more comfortable time and space with our board game. Our design afforded the people's attractive activity and demonstrated how to enrich the public space.We succeeded in making the beautiful and attractive park by the new way of temporary urban and landscape design.

TOFU 建築設計事務所/一級建築士事務所

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