TOFU is an architecture and interior design unit, which is based in Osaka, Japan. We are proposing the design of housings, shops, gardens,sake breweries,renovation  in various locations.



We love the cedar cladding of this Japanese house by TOFU Architects

(+81 6 6314 6514;tofu-ao.com),which has been painted in three shades of black to accentaute the gain of the wood.If you're thinking of doing something similar, remember that solid wood cladding expands and contracts, particularly in areas with changeable humidity, says architect. To prevent this, the fronts and backs of the planks were painted (so the same amount of water is absorbed on each side) and a ventilation layer was fitted behind the cladding to allow air to circulate. 

ロンドンのデザイン誌 GRAND DESIGNS MAGAZINE  (May 2011) にN-Houseが掲載されました。

Architecture news-Grand ideas use in your grand designのページにOFF THE WALL のタイトルで紹介されています。

TOFU 建築設計事務所/一級建築士事務所

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